Me llamo Julieta. I have 15 years of experience teaching Spanish and Latin American culture in my native Argentina and in universities on the East Coast and the Northwest.

My philosophy as an instructor emphasizes mimicry, visuals & self-discovery over mechanical translations, and sees grammar as a means, not an end in itself. We don’t spend precious class time doing ditto sheets or following a textbook. Instead, we develop meaningful tools to help us communicate, building upon our mutual input and guided exchanges.

Spanish cannot be separated from the cultures in which it lives. Thus, in my classes I use cultural artifacts such as songs, poems, stories and comics of the Spanish-speaking world.

I believe in encouraging multilingualism in a region where people crave cultural diversity but may not find such outlets locally. I’m currently offering classes on Bainbridge Island and Indianola, and soon I’m hoping to start offering classes in Kingston and Poulsbo as well!

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Julieta Vitullo, PhD